In the event of a corked, defective, or otherwise compromised product or bottle of wine, will promptly and fully reimburse the customer.

If the bottle is damaged, broken, or compromised in the delivery process, the customer will be promptly and fully reimbursed.

That a purchase is delivered later than originally quoted will not warrant a refund, unless exceeding an unreasonable period of time from purchase date to delivery. An unreasonable period of time here being taken to mean in excess of 2 weeks.

In extenuating circumstances and when warranted by a substantial disparity of value or quality, will a mistake in the advertised Vintage, from the Vintage of the wine received, be a condition for refund, in the form of store credit or exchange.

If the bottle received is fundamentally, emphatically, and/or materially not the bottle advertised and therefore purchased. This applies to a mistaken delivery of a bottle of a wholly different winery, cellar, region, label and/or varietal. This does not mean that a purchase can be refunded because of a perceived difference in the taste or experience, nor, if such a case arise, the customers expectations of the wine are disappointed. Or, as it may occur, the customer does not like the wine. We go to great lengths to fairly, adequately, and accurately present all of the wines we sell, and we stand by all of them. However this does not mean we, or anyone, can account for the array of ways an individual will experience a given wine. However, to reiterate, we go to great lengths to provide our customers with informed, accessible and accurate descriptions and details on, so that our customers may feel assured they will receive and enjoy the wine(s) purchased.