Grand Cru (only the best)

$120.00 $100.00

All of the wines in all of the plans are some of the best wines in the world. The wines included in the Grand Cru Plan are either necessarily more expensive types of wine (due to prestige, craftsmanship, limited allocation, the supreme quality of the wine, the vintage and a whole slew of other factors). This is the plan for our customers who enjoy a meaty Barolo, a quintessential Burgundy (Bourgogne), or a stellar Rhône blend. Though, you will not necessarily be receiving wines that strictly fit the bill of generic “Classic” (exceptional and classic are antithetical terms to us. Exceptional is what we all really want after all, isn’t it?). So when you receive a bottle from a “prestigious” appellation, it will warrant the prestige, so to speak.  Inevitably you will receive a Bordeaux, or a Sancerre perhaps (depending on how your plan develops), but when you do, it wont be the exhausted, played out, derivative of “Bordeaux” you’ve had 100 times before. Likewise the Sancerre will properly be a SANCERRE; being noteworthy selection that warrant their legendary designation, you will experience why the region is legendary in the first place. Partly by showing you something new about the region, the varietal, bringing little moxi to your glass and reviving the designation!


As with the plans above, we will perform a diagnostic questionnaire to try to get a sense of your palate, so you're getting what you want, while still showing some room for discovery and diversity in the wines you receive. What it boils down to is this: with Grand Cru we want to bring you the  best, most awesome wines that we have encountered and are excited about, but that, unfortunately, command a higher cost from producers and suppliers, which is usually warranted.



This monthly plan includes:

  1. 3 Bottles With this plan you will enjoy
  2. Club Notes: (see above)
  3. Goodies: (see above)
  4. Perks: 20% discount off the entire Club’s wine selection, 15% off retail and bar discount on Monday, 10% off Daily retail purchases, 15% off all monthly club selections (meaning all wines from the different plans are available at this amazing discount), the whole month, while supplies last. (1) Free Wine Flight a Month for 2 (offered on Firday’s and Sunday’s)
  5. Special Events: members only event, and special store/venue accommodations

$120 ($100 First 3 Months)

Additional information

Weight 11 lbs
Dimensions 20.25 × 12.75 × 6.25 in


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