Domaine Lecomte Quincy 2017

This Loire Valley Sauv. Blanc is light and fresh, crisp, bright with lots of minerals, stone fruits and a touch of tropical fruit and lemon.

Tetu Rose 2018

Hailing from southern France this rose of Grenache is pale and dry with strawberry and hints of savory umami.

Metronome Coquelicot

A natural and raw wine from France that is mostly cab franc. Light red fruit up front, with barnyard and tons of earthy on the palate and nose. Once the wine opens up it’s both fruity and funky as hell.

Tetu Grenache 2015

Rich and ripe, dark berries, plumb and dried fruit. The palate also has a hint of a savory to it, with a good tannin on the finish.

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