For We Heart Eagle Rock First Saturdays November 5th, we will be holding a truly special, unprecedented occasion, which promises to be among the most stimulating, fun, & enriching events to be held at CoWineCo. to date.

Occidental College Professors Debra Freas & Damian Stocking will be generously donating their time to appear in CoWineCo, & hold an engaging dialogue exploring the uncanny, divine figure whom the Ancient Greeks held as the God of the Vino; Dionysus. Though most commonly known as the God of Wine or Wine Making, he was also the God of Tragedy, Excess, Theater, Ecstasy, Becoming, Ritual Madness, Harvest, & even still, much more.

To this day Dionysus evokes fascination & intrigue. This is due, in part, to his broad range of representations, his peculiar conduct & role in a culture that, despite being celebrated for its reason, & as the cradle of civil organization, still observed the rites of a God with a penchant for the chaotic, dangerous, & unexpected.

Ultimately, all of these facets, for the Greeks, were meaningful & central to the act of drinking wine, & wine itself was centrally important to the culture. Drop in to CoWineCo. Nov. 5th& join us for an evening celebrating the divine libation of wine, & to learn more about what wine (and further Dionysus) meant to the Greeks, & finally, what they mean for us today!

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